Full Professor, Universidad de Antioquia.
Director, CCComposites Lab., Universidad de Antioquia.
PhD and MS, Materials Science, University of California, Los Angeles (2013).
MS and BS, Mechanical Engineering, National University of Colombia (2005)

Main Research Interests.

  • Composites.
  • Wastes.
  • Additive Manufacturing.
  • Materials & Arts.


  • Introduction to materials science and engineering.
  • Composites.
  • Advanced Manufacturing.

Honors and Scholarship

  • 2014: One of the 30 papers of the themed collection selected as 2013 Most Accessed Manuscripts for Journal of Materials Chemistry.
  • 2013: SHPE Foundation Academic Scholarship. Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers Inc. USA.
  • 2012: Graduate Excellence in Materials Science (GEMS) Award. American Ceramic Society. Pittsburgh, USA.
  • 2012-2013: President’s Council of Student Advisors (PCSA) Member. American Ceramic Society. USA.
  • 2012: Thermal Neutron Award, Student Poster competition. Modeling Experimentation and Validation (MeV) School/Advanced Test Reactor National Scientific User Facility Users Week 2012. Idaho National Laboratory.
  • 2012: Modeling, Experimentation, and Validation Summer School /Advanced Test Reactor National Scientific User Facility User’s Week 2012, organized byOAK RIDGE and IDAHO NATIONAL Laboratories. USA. Scholarship Award.
  • 2012: SAMPE Student Leader Experience Award, Baltimore, Maryland, USA. Scholarship Award.
  • 2012: NSF student scholar, Interactive Technology Forum (American Ceramic Society). Chicago, Illinois, USA. Scholarship Award.
  • 2011: Best paper award, 3rd place (1st author). 35th International Conference and Exposition on Advanced Ceramics and Composites (ICACC’11), American Ceramics Society, Jan 23-28, Daytona Beach, Florida. USA.
  • 2011: Research Aide, Argonne National Laboratory, Energy Technology Division. Illinois, USA. Principal Investigator: Dr. D. Singh.
  • 2011: Advanced Test Reactor National Scientific User Facility User’s Week 2011/CMSNF, organized by Idaho National Laboratory. Idaho, USA. Scholarship Award.
  • 2010: Atomic Level Response to Irradiation Summer School, organized by LOS ALAMOS NATIONAL LABORATORY. New Mexico, USA. Scholarship Award.
  • 2007-2010: LASPAU-Fulbright-COLCIENCIAS Fellowship to pursue PhD in USA.
  • 2005: Meritorious MSc thesis award. Universidad Nacional de Colombia.
  • 2004: Research Assistant Fellowship, Colciencias – Colombia, 2004.
  • 2003-2004: Special Fellowship for Future Faculty (Académicos en Formación). Universidad Nacional de Colombia.
  • 2003: 3rd place, Best Undergraduate Thesis Award, from all campuses at Universidad Nacional de Colombia.
  • 2003: Laureate undergraduate thesis award. Universidad Nacional de Colombia.
  • 2003: Best paper award, 1st place (1st author), VIII National Conference of Mechanical Engineering. Universidad Santo Tomas, Bogotá – Colombia.
  • 2002: Young Researchers National Fellowship. Colciencias, Bogotá-Colombia.